Breheimen, day 4: from Nørdstedalseter to Stølsdalen (27.07.2019)

Written by HHauser (Helwig Hauser) GSM

Start point Nørdstedalseter (937m)
Endpoint Stølsdalen (1,035m)
Characteristic Hike
Duration 8h 00min
Distance 16.6km
Vertical meters 1,112m
Ascents Liabrekulen (1,910m) 27.07.2019
Sørvest for Liabrekulen (1,821m) 27.07.2019
Liaflui (1,768m) 27.07.2019
Visits of other PBEs Nørdstedalseter (938m) 27.07.2019
Stølsdalen (1,035m) 27.07.2019
Enjoying a wonderful hiking day near Liabrekulen.
Enjoying a wonderful hiking day near Liabrekulen.
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Trip Summary

After day #3 of our five days hike through Breheimen, we continued from Nørdstedalseter with the goal to get to Stølsdalen.


We started into eastern direction (into Vetledalen), following the hiking trail basically from the cabin (and not the road, which also extends into Vetledalen). This lead us gently upover (on the northern side of the valley), until we came to a part of the valley, where it gets quite a bit steeper. A bit above 1140mosl, the trails split with one leading further eastwards (through Vetledalen) and the other one southwards. The latter first crosses Vetledalen, before one starts with the ascent towards Liabreen. The path leads steadily (and moderately steep) upwards and it is (mostly) well-marked. At about 1400mosl, one gets close to the glacier (with a nice view, also, down to a glacial lake). Mostly avoiding the glacier (on its western side), one steps further upwards. Even though we briefly lost the path (at about 1500mosl), we easily reconnected shortly after. Further south, the trail starts to lead diagonally upwards and brings one to a small saddle (approximately 850 height meters above cabin Nørdstedalseter, with Liabrekulen in the northeast and Liaflui in the southwest). The closer one gets to this saddle, the more amazing all the mountain landscape is, up there! Once we had reached the saddle, we decided to also include Liabrekulen. To do so, we left our heavy backpacks behind and started our detour with a light heart. We crossed a part of Liabreen at its top (and very cautiously), before we stepped up to Liabrekulen (over numerous big and wildly assembled stones). Without out backpacks, all this was quick and easy-to-do. From Liabrekulen, then, we enjoyed amazing views in all directions!

Down via Liaflui

From Liabrekulen, we first headed back to the saddle and our backpacks, before then continuing further towards Liaflui. Also there, we had to cross another part of Liabreen (but also there, this was straight-forward and without any problems). Even though the trail passes by underneath Liaflui, we included this little top, also. From there, it is then a longer way down (in southern direction). At about 1425mosl, one crosses over Skreddarhammaren, before entering a small valley that connects with Stølsdøla further down. This little valley leads one then in southwestern direction. At about 1130mosl, one comes to a place, where several streams get together. Stepping over to the western side of the valley there, one find the trail that leads directly to Stølsdalen from there.

End of Day 4

After this wonderful hiking day #4, we came to cabin Stølsdalen. First, we were the only two to claim a bed in this caben; only a bit later, another couple came to join us. Full of wonderful impressions of this amazing day, we then got ready for day #5 of our five days hike through Breheimen.


Selected photos are available as Google photo album.

Useful Resources

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Web page from the Norwegian Trekking Association recommends the same hike, but from Stølsdalen to Nørdstedalseter.

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