Upgrading account

There are two different account categories on Peakbook.

  • Regular - Regular account giving access to all central functions on Peakbook, including an unlimited amount of tours and ascents along with peakbagging.
  • GSM - Golden Summits Membership. A premium account for those who'd like to upload more images or access a lot of extended features.

Current limits can be found under Preferences on the menu bar and then by choosing Account information.

How to practically upgrade

The price is calculated in Peakbook credits. One credit currently costs 3.50 EUR. GSM account costs 1 credit for each period of 30 days. For the time being we have no sophisticated way of paying. Contact us for more information. Minimum period aquired to upgrade account is 12 periods (360 days equals 12 credits of 3 EUR each = 42 EUR).

Contact us for information on how to transfer the payment.

Once your account has been upgraded, you will be able to see your balance and transactions by selecting Account information on the Preference menu.

All income from premium accounts are spent on server cost. If any thing is left over, it will be spent on further development of the site.

If you are using the App, you may pay the upgrade within our app. Please observe however that this is more expensive due to high fees commanded by Google in the Play Store.
The possibility to use your credit card is on its way.

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