Ulriken from Haukeland Hospital (stone steps up) (20.04.2019)

Written by HHauser (Helwig Hauser) GSM

Start point Haukeland Hospital (45m)
Endpoint Haukeland Hospital (45m)
Characteristic Hillwalk
Duration 3h 00min
Distance 7.1km
Vertical meters 601m
Ascents Lægdetjerntoppen (601m) 20.04.2019
Ulriken Vest (607m) 20.04.2019
Visits of other PBEs Breidablik (583m) 20.04.2019
Fjellsol (585m) 20.04.2019
Lorthaughytten (ruin) (570m) 20.04.2019
Stormfuglen (592m) 20.04.2019
The recently laid stone step up to Ulriken
The recently laid stone step up to Ulriken
Note that this track has been created from memory, i.e., it was not recorded automatically.

Trip Summary

We started from a bus stop at Haukeland University Hospital and first walked up the street to the lower station of the cable car that goes up to the top of Ulriken. Instead of taking the cable car, however, we followed a trail that leads up to Montana (and from there further towards Ulriken etc.). Once above the Montana Vandrerhjem, we followed the gravel road Johan Blytts vei, which ascends diagonally in southeastern direction, before it crosses a little stream. From there, it's getting steeper and shortly after, a renewed path turns left (from there then steeply upwards in northeastern direction). Before eventually departing from the gravel road (near Hellerane), the path gets once again very near to it (at about 325mosl). From there onward, it then goes steeply upwards (through Lægdebotn and over recently placed stone steps). Impressive, what this path turned into! After the ascent, we arrived directly at the top station of the cable car and enjoyed a little rest and some refreshments at the small restaurant that visitors find up there. We then decided to also walk down (instead of taking the cable car) and did so by first following the heights of Ulriken in southern direction (coming by Lægdetjernet, for example). This way, we came to Landåseggen, which we hiked down then. At about 450mosl, this path turns right (and into northwestern direction). Soon after, one then connects to the gravel road that comes up from Montana. From there onward, we basically followed the same way down that we had used up in the beginning. Certainly a nice and rewarding hike! :-)


Selected photos are available as Google photo album.

Useful Resources

See also the related FB-page Hiking around Bergen, Norway.
Web page WestCoastPeaks.com provides useful information about Haugavarden, Ulriken, Storfjellet, and Landåsfjellet and also Petter Bjørstad has a useful page about Ulriken.
Web page UT.no from the Norwegian Trekking Association recommends a similar hike up to Ulriken.
On Bergentopp 200 there is a page (in Norwegian) about Ulriken.

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