Besshøe med avstikker over Besseggen (25.08.2018)

Written by JanIflisa GSM

Start point Bessheim (949m)
Endpoint Bessheim (959m)
Characteristic Hillwalk
Duration 11h 37min
Distance 26.8km
Vertical meters 1,899m
Ascents Besshøe (2,258m) 25.08.2018
Veslfjellet (1,743m) 25.08.2018
Visits of other PBEs Besseggen (1,500m) 25.08.2018
Besseggen klyveparti (1,500m) 25.08.2018
Besseggen utsikt 25.08.2018
Bessheim Fjellstue og Hytter (960m) 25.08.2018
Bessheim-Veslfjellet forbindelsesstrekk 25.08.2018
Besshøe fra Bessosen 25.08.2018
Utsiktspunkt Besshøe (2,258m) 25.08.2018

Thomas, Pål and I stayed at Bessheim, and woke up to sunny weather. We had heavy snow across Valdresflya the night before and could see that there was snow on the surrounding mountain tops the morning after.

After breakfast, we started the climb along Bessa and short after, we arrived at Bessvatnet. Besshøe was in sight! We met snow long before the Besshøbrean glacier. We also had heavy fog and snowy weather, but when we reached the summit, we were above the clouds. Some places around the summit, the snow reached my thigh. Luckily, many people took the hike this Saturday, so it was easy to walk the path up and down from the summit.

When we returned to Bessvatnet, we fired up Thomas' Primus stove and had some lunch. Then we followed the shores to Besseggen and took the hike across Veslfjellet to Bessa. Then it was all downhill to Bessheim where a wonderful dinner was waiting.

Start date 25.08.2018 08:33
(UTC+01:00 DST)
End date 25.08.2018 20:10
(UTC+01:00 DST)
Total Time 11h 37min
Moving Time 9h 24min
Stopped Time 2h 13min
Overall Average 2.3km/h
Moving Average 2.9km/h
Distance 26.8km
Vertical meters 1,898m

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