Lyderhorn from Sildaberget (03.07.2016)

Written by hbar (Harald Barsnes) GSM

Start point Bjørndalsbakken
Endpoint Gravdal
Characteristic Hillwalk
Ascents Lyderhorn (396m) 03.07.2016
Skarpafjellet (180m) 03.07.2016
Skjenafjellet (319m) 03.07.2016
Ørnafjellet (329m) 03.07.2016
Visits of other PBEs Lyderhornhytten (lokalitet) (396m) 03.07.2016

Lyderhorn from Sildaberget

Started by taking the bus to Bjørndalsbakken and from there walking up to Sildaberget. After locating the start of the trail (just follow the upper road at Sildaberget and look for the hiking signs), I followed the stairs (and later trail) to Skarpafjellet, and then continued onwards to Lyderhorn. From the top of Lyderhorn I found a trail passing over Skjenafjellet and Ørnafjellet before taking me to Gravdal, where I took the bus back to the city center.

See Lyderhorn from Sildaberget for the same hike with GPS tracking.

View north/northeast from Lyderhorn
View north/northeast from Lyderhorn
The summit of Skjenafjellet
The summit of Skjenafjellet
View north from Skjenafjellet
View north from Skjenafjellet
View northeast from Ørnafjellet
View northeast from Ørnafjellet

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