Greater London west borough tops (16.09.2010)

Skrevet av NilsOS (Nils O. Solheim) GSM

Bestigninger Horsenden Hill (85moh) 16.09.2010
Sudbury (91moh) 16.09.2010
The Vale (Heston) (35moh) 16.09.2010

Biked from home (Kew) and used nearly an hour to get to Sudbury. Nice summit easy to walk on the prepared walkway from east to west starting in east just north of Rowan Cl. Good view towards Wembley and the skyline of London City.

From Sudbury to Horsenden Hill. Nice view towards west and south west towards Heatrow. Interesting story about the history of the hill at the summit. home (Kew) via Horsenden Hill.

Along the canal back towards The Vale. No special high point or view, as ordinary as any other street in the outskirts of London. So nothing special with this. Arrived around 8 pm so dark at this time of the year.


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