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Arrived on the spectacular Senja with no detailed map or much of an idea of what to climb but this wee hill caught my eye as it looked an easy ascent from the road and something offering good views. As it turned out I went up from the west side of the tunnel through tricky birch wood on slabs when, to the east, there was a perfectly good path. Doh. Never mind, not too much of a hardship to get onto the ridge at which point a deep intake of breath for the view was superb. A choice then of east or west around the fjord head of Ornfjorden. I chose west after a short initial wander east and north to start with, up onto Barden. A bit of exposure along the way but nothing too hair raising then a good hour spent in and out of the mist at the top gazing down over the sea cliffs and across the other >>>




I was lucky enough to benefit from the kind gift of a travel voucher from my mother in 2002. She had won this in a crossword competition as was her wont. I then asked a couple of friends if they'd fancy a subsidised trip to Lofoten and without hesitation I got two yeses. This particular hill, Hermansdalstinden, was tackled towards the end of our ten or so days in north Norway and by that time we were a party of two as the third person had to return to Aberdeen the night before. We actually started the day from the hut Munkebu which gave us a 400m start. However, this was still a fair old hike, particularly as we weren't clear on the route up. In fact we went up a very steep gully around the half way point and realised at the top that this was not the normal route as there were fixed ropes >>>