Kommunetopp i Jølster og Gloppen; Snønipa (23.04.2020)

Written by LukasHeck (Lukas D. Heck) GSM

Characteristic Randonnée/Telemark
Duration 5h 25min
Distance 19.6km
Vertical meters 1,562m
Ascents Snønipa (1,826m) 23.04.2020 14:32
Visits of other PBEs Høyset Parkeringslomme (335m) 23.04.2020 16:15
Start date 23.04.2020 10:54
(UTC+01:00 DST)
End date 23.04.2020 16:13
(UTC+01:00 DST)
Total Time 5h 19min
Moving Time 3h 51min
Stopped Time 1h 28min
Overall Average 3.7km/h
Moving Average 5.1km/h
Distance 19.6km
Vertical meters 900m

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