Biking detour in Fyllingsdalen (16.09.2023)

Written by HHauser (Helwig Hauser) GSM

Start point Varden (45m)
Endpoint Varden (45m)
Characteristic Bike trip
Duration 1h 00min
Distance 12.1km
Vertical meters 325m
Ascents Skulehaugen (58m) 16.09.2023
Visits of other PBEs Bøneshallen p-plass (110m) 16.09.2023
Fyllingsdalstunnelen - Oasensiden (34m) 16.09.2023
Sælen kirke p-plass (15m) 16.09.2023
The "long way to the shop" / biking a short round in Fyllingsdalen
The "long way to the shop" / biking a short round in Fyllingsdalen
Note that this track has been created from memory, i.e., it was not recorded automatically.

Trip Summary

While en route to a local supermarket for some shopping, I decided to bike a little detour. First, I surrounded Sælevatnet in its south. I then took the steep way up to Bønes/Fjellsdalen. I then cycled around Lyshovden in its northeast. After passing by Oasen, I decided to make a brief exploration of Skulehaugen -- kind of strange to passing by this little hill (almost) every day, but never actually making it up to its "top". After that, it was mostly to the shop and then back home -- so not so much to write, today...

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