Gorsabrua (01.08.2020)

Written by guen0062 (Brian Guennigsman) GSM

Duration 2h 34min
Distance 4.9km
Vertical meters 116m
Visits of other PBEs Fosseveien P-plass (375m) 01.08.2020
Gorsabrua (330m) 01.08.2020

Since coming here a number of years back ive wanted to take our girls to see this amazing waterfall and bridge. After a relatively smooth (for our standards) car trip we parked at the parking lot and made our way with the mosquitoes and flies and other hikers (thankfully we had some bug spray to ward off the worst of it, sadly not the other hikers) to the bridge. We were just in time to see three brave souls bungy jump off the bridge (the last one was nervous, got one foot off and then the guy just gave him a nudge). Our youngest daughter threw a flower over the edge and we all watched the 20-30 seconds where it spun slowly to the canyon floor. This place is just amazing. There is so much water falling down the falls that you cant see the bottom. Its an eary and beatiful site. After eating a bit and making a few walks to the end of the bridge and back we made our way back to the car. From there we drove farther up the gravel road (terrible road) and found a place to set up our lavvo by a large lake. The bugs were nasty but thankfully the fire and the thermacell and the bug spray made it allright. After a nice meal of hotdogs and some struggling to get the girls to sleep we played a round of cards before trying to sleep through the night (the girls woke up quite a bit). Next day we got up early, packed up our stuff and headed home.

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