Langdale (09.11.2009)

Written by hmsv1 (Hannah Vickers) GSM

Ascents Bowfell (902m) 09.11.2009
Crinkle Crags -  (832m) 09.11.2009
Crinkle Crags - Long Top  (859m) 09.11.2009
Pike of Blisco (705m) 09.11.2009

To start the day I had an absolutely beautiful drive from Grasmere to Langdale via the High Close road in crisp and cold conditions. Frost was accessorizing the strands of grass and a cool temperature inversion kept some low level mist nearly down to ground level. The walk itself was not exciting, but the views and sunny weather made it a very good day out, cut short only by the fact I had to be on the road ideally by 4 pm to make my way down to Aberystwyth so unfortunately I didn't complete the circuit by going all the way over to Esk Hause and onto the Langdale Pikes. After Bowfell it was a descent down to Ore Gap and then on to Angle Tarn, returning to Langdale via the steep steps down into Mickleden and along the valley bottom.

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