Patterdale to Windermere (18.04.2009)  5

Written by hmsv1 (Hannah Vickers) GSM

Start point Patterdale youth hostel
Endpoint Windermere train station
Duration 5h 00min
Ascents Froswick (720m) 18.04.2009
High Street (828m) 18.04.2009
Ill Bell (757m) 18.04.2009
The Knott (High Street) (739m) 18.04.2009
Thornthwaite Crag (784m) 18.04.2009
Yoke (706m) 18.04.2009

A really splendid day in perfect weather - started off early-ish from Patterdale youth hostel, walking along the road past Brotherswater to Hartsop. It was bang in the middle of the lambing season too so I got to see some cute little lambs and their mums along the way :-) From Hartsop it was a plod up the track toward Hayeswater, from where I then ascended up to The Knott. Great views across the Brotherswater valley to the central fells of Fairfield, Dove Crag and Middle Fell etc. Continued along at a speedy pace along the nice high ridge toward High Street. Took a short break as I reached Thornthwaite Crag and then cracked on towards Froswick, Ill Bell and Yoke. I was making such good time I was practically down in Troutbeck by lunchtime, having caught the sun a little on my arms. It had been a struggle to keep the sun off my head as I'd descended to Limefitt Park from Yoke! Bad choice not to bring a sun hat. Very thirsty by the time I reached the road though, just as well there was a garage nearby to get some drinks at.
Had some lunch in the cafe at Booth supermarket while waiting for my train from Windermere, feeling very pleased with myself in having covered 23km over 5 fells in only 5 hours - and not even having rushed any part of the route!

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