Lake District dag 3 (18.09.2019)

Written by BjørnW (Bjørn Wigdel)

Characteristic Hillwalk
Duration 5h 30min
Distance 17.9km
Vertical meters 1,218m
Ascents Barrow (455m) 18.09.2019
Causey Pike (637m) 18.09.2019
Crag Hill  (839m) 18.09.2019
Grisedale Pike (791m) 18.09.2019
Hobcarton Crag  (739m) 18.09.2019
Hopegill Head (770m) 18.09.2019
Sail (773m) 18.09.2019
Sand Hill (756m) 18.09.2019
Scar Crags (672m) 18.09.2019

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