Cruach Adrain (12.04.2010)

Written by hmsv1 (Hannah Vickers) GSM

Ascents Beinn Tulaichean (946m) 12.04.2010
Cruach Ardrain (1,046m) 12.04.2010

The hardest part of this walk was not at all the fact that you climb 2 munros. It's the route finding to get on the right mountain! For some reason, even with the superb sunny weather and visibility, it took me a little while to figure out the way to get through the forest and onto Grey Height, the first hill which leads onto Cruach Ardrain. But I had all the time in the world, so it didn't matter too much. It was nice to get out onto open mountainside and be able to see where exactly I was though!
It was a slightly colder day compared with the two previous days of walking, but it was mostly due to a little extra wind than a drop in air temperature. I wasn't so impressed by Cruach Ardrain itself; the route seemed nice enough, but it wasn't quite as aesthetically pleasing as the two neighbouring peaks Ben More and Stob Binnein. At least the views were already giving me ideas for my next hiking objectives though. I was alone for pretty much the whole day, meeting only one other guy on Beinn Tulaichean, and this summit was an even more boring peak in comparison with Cruach Ardrain. It was definitely more of a peak-bagging effort than an actual interest in going there!

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