Russelvfjellet (20.09.2018)

Written by Kääkkä (Miska Suoreijus)

Ascents Russelvfjellet (818m) 20.09.2018

One of our random targets on our vanlife trip. We drove from Lappeenranta, southern Finland up to Lyngen peninsula.

One day we drove to Nord Lenangen and decided to pick one of the peaks to climb. The one was this.

I took an dump on a shit house. Had some kind of diarrhea.. But i still had some power left after that so we headed up towards the Ruossavarri summit.
Both of us had about 20kg of camera gear on our bags. Hear is the video presentation from the whole trip! -->

Lagopus muta

The Summit

As we say in finland. Pönö.

We descended with one headlight slowly from a stone after another. But after all we managed to get back to our camp and what an lightshow we had then..

Grainy shot of our rolling home.

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