Husfjellet (04.02.2019)  4

Written by Skippy (Innika De Rosa) GSM

Start point Bergkirke
Endpoint Bergkirke
Characteristic Randonnée/Telemark
Duration 3h 00min
Distance 8.0km
Vertical meters 745m
Ascents Husfjellet (632m) 04.02.2019

Today I learnt a big lesson. If you buy new ski boots, make sure they fit your bindings first....

We parked by the Berg church and followed the signposted path up. Loads of people had been walking there so it was just plankekjøring until we got past the tree line. The snow in the trees was soft and fluffy but got gradually more wind blown as we got out of the tree line. With the summit in sight, we followed to the left of the ridge all the way up.

It was really windy today so there wasn’t much time to enjoy the stunning view unfortunately. My face felt frozen and I wanted to keep moving, so after taking my skins off I went to clip my heel into my bindings.......aaaaaaand they were way too far apart for my boots :( we didn’t have any tools with us, so uglefisk (Paal Andre Lund) tried to use the car key as a screwdriver. Alas, the key snapped off and I was left contemplating how to get down. I walked a bit, but as the snow got less wind blown paal tried to give me a piggy back. Brilliant effort from paal with his backpack on his front, carrying my skis and poles and with me clinging on his back. We didn’t get too far before I fell off and resorted to switchbacks and snow ploughing down.

Feeling pretty cold from the biting wind, we were both happy to get back to the car, until it wouldn’t start. Turns out the metal bit of the key needs to be inside the plastic casing in order to start the car. Shame it took us half an hour to figure this out!

On our way up
On our way up
Prettt cool wind formations in the snow
Prettt cool wind formations in the snow
For en utsikt!
For en utsikt!
For en utsikt!
For en utsikt!


Takk for en artig dag og fin tur uglefisk (Paal Andre Lund)!

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    Missing title

    Written by uglefisk 04.02.2019 17:37

    takk for en fin tur :)

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