Kyle (09.09.2018)  5

Written by Skippy (Innika De Rosa) GSM

Characteristic Trip by foot
Duration 3h 00min
Distance 4.0km
Vertical meters 505m
Ascents Kyle (503m) 09.09.2018

En ordentlig kose tur!

We had a few hours in the afternoon to kill and decided to take a stroll in the sunshine. We parked right between Senjahoppen and Mefjordvær and followed a marked path to the left of the road. We gained height pretty quickly and the views were absolutely stunning the whole way!! The path was great to walk on and we relaxed for about an hour in the sunshine at the top.

We don’t have any GPS tracking or information because my watch died and Paal forgot to turn his off, but we used around 45m to the top and the trail is 1.9km up.

Path up to the left
Path up to the left
Terrible view
Terrible view
View over Mefjordbrygge
View over Mefjordbrygge

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    Missing title

    Written by uglefisk 10.09.2018 21:06

    Super kosetur

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