Bidein Bad na h-Iolaire (11.05.2013)  4

Written by ErlingT (Erling T Dahl) GSM

Start point Blarmachfoldach (157m)
Endpoint Blarmachfoldach (157m)
Characteristic Hillwalk
Distance 5.5km
Vertical meters 450m
Ascents Bidein Bad na h-Iolaire (528m) 11.05.2013

Fra Arngeirs log.:

Assuming your starting point is the big round about on road A82 just west of the rail-way station in Fort William. Drive 800 metres (0.5 mi) south on A82, to a round about, and turn left onto "Lundavra Road". Drive this road 4.9 km (3.0 mi) and park on the right hand side of the road just after a house, and just after the road starts to descend.
Start your hike by walking 130 metres back along the road you drove. Turn right through a gate and walk uphill on the left hand side of a fence. At 235 metres cross the fence perpendicular to you direction and find a path running along the ridge. This path slowly fades away above 450 metres, but the route north-east to the summit is quite obvious. The summit is marked by a small pile of stones.
Descend by reversing your ascent route.

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