Gravdalsfjellet, Olsokfjellet, and Damsgårsfjellet (16.04.2017)

Written by HHauser (Helwig Hauser) GSM

Start point Lyngbø (15m)
Endpoint Lyngbø (15m)
Characteristic Hillwalk
Duration 2h 15min
Distance 6.1km
Vertical meters 511m
Ascents Damsgårdsfjellet (344m) 16.04.2017
Gravdalsfjellet (353m) 16.04.2017
Olsokfjellet (354m) 16.04.2017
Visits of other PBEs Laksevåghytten (235m) 16.04.2017
On the top of Gravdalsfjellet
On the top of Gravdalsfjellet
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Trip Summary

We took the car to Laksevåg/Lyngbø and parked right at the beginning of Eliasmarken. From there, we started to walk; first up to Lyngbøveien and so further into Nygårdslien (and upwards this road). At the upper end of Nygårdslien, we connected to the hiking path, which starts/ends there. Quickly, we ascended (moderately steeply) to the height where the path starts to flatten out towards the saddle between Gravdalsfjellet (in the southwest) and Damsgårdsfjellet (in the northeast). At the point, where four paths meet, we turned right (into southwestern direction) and continued our ascent to Gravdalsfjellet. Shortly later, we arrived at the top of Gravdalsfjellet and enjoyed an all-around view from there. From there, we first walked into the direction of Viggohytten, but turned left at the first opportunity, finding another (more direct) path towards Wallemspark (basically in eastern direction). Once down in the valley (at Wallemspark), we immediately stepped out of the gravel road, again, and began our quick ascent to Olsokfjellet from there (first in eastern direction and so turning left into northern direction and upwards). From Olsokfjellet, we quickly connected to Damsgårdsfjellet and from there back to the four-paths-meeting point, closing our little loop. From there, it was basically the same way back down to the car, which we had taken up in the beginning. All in all, this was a short but very enjoyable hike (in nice weather and with the whole family). :-)


Selected photos are available as Google photo album.

Useful Resources

See also the related FB-page Hiking around Bergen, Norway.
Web page provides useful information about Olsokfjellet, Gravdalsfjellet, and Damsgårdsfjellet and also Petter Bjørstad has a useful page about Gravdalsfjellet.
On Bergentopp 200 there is a page (in Norwegian) about Gravdalsfjellet.

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