4 Arran Corbetts and 2 Corbett tops (25.07.2015)  6

Written by ChrisMac (Chris Mac)

Start point NS011363
Endpoint NS011363
Characteristic Hillwalk
Duration 13h 00min
Distance 25.4km
Vertical meters 2,377m
Ascents Beinn Tarsuinn - Beinn Nuis (792m) 25.07.2015
Beinn Tarsuinn (826m) 25.07.2015
Caisteal Abhail (859m) 25.07.2015
Cir Mhor (799m) 25.07.2015
Goatfell  (874m) 25.07.2015
Goat Fell - North Goatfell (818m) 25.07.2015

An epic all day walk bagging, in order, a Corbett top; Beinn Nuis, a Corbett; Beinn Tarsuinn, bypassing A'Chir because we weren't feeling brave and weren't sure we had the time to traverse it's tricky ridge, going past Cir Mhor to another Corbett; Caisteal Abhail, heading back to Cir Mhor for Corbett number 3 before taking the quick way down to The Saddle (a 400m descent) then up the steep ridge to Corbett top 2; North Goatfell (now a 400m ascent!) with a detour around Stacach along the ridge to the final Corbett; Goatfell and back home down the shoulder into Brodick.

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