Husfjellet (19.08.2012)  4

Written by hmsv1 (Hannah Vickers) GSM

Start point Skaland kirke
Characteristic Walk
Duration 3h 00min
Ascents Husfjellet (632m) 19.08.2012 10:00
Husfjellet from the 'dip' in the ridge connecting it to Litje Brusen
Husfjellet from the 'dip' in the ridge connecting it to Litje Brusen

After a not-so-good night sleep at Mefjord Brygge due to some unexpected music festivities in the early morning, my mum was not feeling in such a good mood for another hike. It was pretty unfortunate because the morning was bright and the skies were blue. It was a perfect sunny day for getting the amazing views that I'd hoped we'd get on the hike to Keipen the previous day. Since we also needed to get the 1700 ferry from Botnhamn it also meant that there was not a lot of time to play we planned to drive to Skaland, where my mum would take things easy and stroll along the beach and have a look around Berg village, and I would take a quick hike up to Husfjellet and meet her again for lunch. That way both of us would be happy! It was a gorgeous drive from Mefjordvaer, and we passed through Senjahopen and took the tunnel through to Ersfjord and then driving round Tungeneset to Steinfjord and taking yet another tunnel to go through to Skaland by Bergsfjorden. It was only 1000 when we parked up close to the school, and there was not much activity in the village at all - not that we expected any different early on a Sunday morning! After leaving the car, my mum and I walked up to the church together, and it was here that I left for the trail up through the forest and she waited behind to look around the church ground. The path up to Sommerdalhaugen was initially characterised by a lot of tall grass and soggy ground underfoot, but as I gained more height, the going got better and the way was less overgrown and it turned out to be a really pleasant forest path. The height dropped away quickly, and after about half an hour I was at the post box above Sommardalen. Here I got some nice views of Litje Busen, which I initially mistook for Husfjellet, but the mountain I was aiming for took a different profile, which only became more obvious higher up on the slopes leading up its southewastern ridge. Between Sommardalhaugen and Husfjellet was a short distance over myr-type ground to cross. It wasn't all that nice to walk in, but there were defnintely ways to make it less boggy to walk across. It could have been worse. Only higher up did the views start to open up - after reaching the dip in the ridge connecting Litje Brusen and Husfjellet. Then there were the most immense views down over Steinfjorden and across to the east face of Husfjellet. It was more impressive than I'd been expecting.

The hike itself was not strenuous, or difficult, but the mountain was definitely exciting when seen from this angle! In total it took less than 1.5 hours to reach the summit, and the final ~200m was along a very fine ridge, which was at some times quite airy but not frightening. I guess it wouldn't be a favourite place for people with a fear of exposed places though! But I think that, without the exposure and the airiness of the ridge, there wouldn't be nearly as much novel value to the hike. But the views were really stunning, and I already think it would be a nice peak to return to in the winter, just to take a ski trip and see some nice sunsets too :-) The highlight of the summit views was by far the Okshornan, visible at the northern end of Ersfjord. The nearby ridges which swept straight down to Steinfjord were quite dramatic too. I was feeling very lucky to see such incredible views, although it somehow felt that I hadn't worked hard enough for it!

I hung around for about 20 minutes to enjoy the views and have a quick break, but then I headed down to Skaland again. In total the trip took 2.5 hours. It would have been nice to get a longer trip by walking over to some of the other neighbouring tops, but since I didn't have a lot of time and also didn't want to leave my mum on her own for too long I decided that these plans would have to wait for another visit!

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    Written by litljortindan 10.10.2017 21:48

    Amazing panorama. Planning a return trip to Senja and remember driving past and wondering about this ridge on my first visit in 2008 so useful to see/read about a bit of what's there.

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