Kvelds jogg (21.06.2018)

Characteristic Jogging
Duration 1h 16min
Distance 11.0km
Vertical meters 375m
Ascents Salsås (221m) 21.06.2018
Salsås nordre (222m) 21.06.2018
Visits of other PBEs Salsås utsiktspunkt (210m) 21.06.2018
Start date 21.06.2018 19:07
(UTC+01:00 DST)
End date 21.06.2018 20:24
(UTC+01:00 DST)
Total Time 1h 16min
Moving Time 1h 16min
Stopped Time 0h 0min
Overall Average 8.6km/h
Moving Average 8.6km/h
Distance 11.0km
Vertical meters 375m

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