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Orders may be sent by email to : info @ or by sms to phone number + 47 47907848

Update. The shirts have arrived. Shipments can commence.

It has arrived!
It has arrived!
the color of this example seems a little more magenta than the original.
the color of this example seems a little more magenta than the original.

Peakbook t shirt

We have ordered a smal stock of t shirts with the peakbook logo and the undertitle "on every peak".
This is not the ordinary cotton t shirt, instead it is a sports t shirt made of socalled cool dry fabric that dries quickly and is comfertable to wear on tour or when exercising.
For now there is only one colour available, resembling the background colour of our title logo on top of the screen. There is only one shape available (unisex) but we have a selection of five different sizes. They come quite large. Personally I find medium the right size (male 177 cm).


  • Fabric: Cool Dry
  • Farge: Dark / deep blue
  • Sizes XS S M L XL (the shirts are a bit large for their sizes in our opinion)
  • Price: NOK 249.- (NOK 199.- for paying GSM/GSM+ members)
  • For deliveries within Norway NOK 49 are added for shipping and packing per order. For the time being delivieries outside Norway may pose challenges, but get in touch and we will inform you about the possibilities.


Use the contact form (link written in small white characters on the opper right part of the screen) or send an email to info <at>
If you reside in Norway, please provide complete adress and mobile phone number. Ordered shirts are shipped as soon as we receive them. At present we do not have a specific delivery date, but hope to receive them within a short amount of time.
If you reside outside Norway, please contact us for delivery possibilities.

Available sizes.
Available sizes.

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    Stein Erik Hjermstad

    Written by Marimor 18.08.2015 22:46

    Gamle Trysilv 3B

    2406 Elverum


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      Sv: Stein Erik Hjermstad

      Written by mortenh 19.08.2015 21:04

      Størrelse? Farge?

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        Re: Sv: Stein Erik Hjermstad

        Written by Marimor 20.08.2015 14:27
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