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We're a small crew that together with good helpers eagerly work to give you a useful, informative and fun website for everyone interested in mountains, summit tours and perhaps especially peakbagging.

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Do you want to join us? Alot is undone and there is definately room for more devoted mountain friends. How? Create an user account, contribute and give us a small hint along the way thay you may be interested in getting more involved with the project.


Name: Morten Helgesen
Username: mortenh
Location: Skrautvål, Norway
Roles: Founder, design, administrator
My page: My page (in norwegian)
External website: Glittertind Forlag (in norwegian)

Name: Christian König
Username: Chris
Loacation: Düren, Germany
Roles: Programming, technical development, administrator, co-founder
My page: My page (in german)
External website: Pixelsea

Name: Sondre Kvambekk
Username: 500fjell
Location: Asker, Norway
Role: administrator
My page: My page (in norwegian)
External website: Tinderanglerne (in norwegian)

Name: You?

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