Premium accounts



A table comparing the two different account categories:

Limits Regular GSM
Number of tours Unlimited Unlimited
Number of ascents Unlimited Unlimited
Number of images 50 Unlimited
Batch upload of images No Yes
Number of GPS tracks 20 Unlimited
Number of lists that can be joined 1 250
Number of private lists 1 Unlimited
Export from map to gps file No Yes
Export from lists to gps file No Yes
Maximum size of map (in pixels) 1000x800 1600x1300
Dedicated userpage Yes Yes
Customizing of userpage No Yes
External links from userpage No Yes
Compare statistics with other users No Yes
Filtering of statistics No Yes
Maximum number of favourite elements 5 unlimited
Change number of lists or PBEs to be displayed per page No Yes
Price in credits Free 1 credit=30 days
Exposure to Ads Yes No

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