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Hurrungane 2020


We went for a long weekend trip to Hurrungane with Sigurd and Brede. The plan was to stay around Jotunheimen for four days and do some hiking and climbing. The weather was really bad, so there wasn't much climbing at the end... We arrived Wednesday late night and camped near Turtagrø. Thursday 6th August. This was the first day after a short sleep in the tent since we arrived late the day before. We woke up in fog and didn't feel like doing anything technical, so I used my opportunity to go alone for a long run and did Fannaråken twice and then Nørdre Skagastølstinden. Some solid 3500 elevation meters in 41km in very forgettable weather. At least I got a good workout for whatever race event I was going to have in the future. Friday 7th August. This was the day that was supposed to have the >>>