Hafjelltuva (15.06.2015)

Ascents HÃ¥fjelltuva (817m) 15.06.2015

We took the road 819 from Ballangen and just after the village of Skarnes turned left up the Skarnesdalen (valley). After about two kilometres we took a private road, paid 20 NOK into a collection box and proceeded. Up,round two hairpin bends and further on a barrier blocked our route. The road was a bit snowy so perhaps that is why it was there. We parked and walked on up to a high point in the road. Here we turned left up the hill following a path with waymarkers. A snow storm blew in as we approached the top of a ski station. We continued onwards and upwards, the way was obvious until the summit was reached Here we signed the book. We descended in a southerly direction before swinging down and round more eastwards to reach the road and then the car. The weather improved as we descended. A little over two hours with no technical difficulty.

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