Ben Lomond (14.06.2012)  4

Written by Bekki (Rebekka Holmgaard)

Start point Rowardennan Youth Hostel Pier (10m)
Endpoint Rowardennan Youth Hostel Pier (10m)
Characteristic Hillwalk
Duration 5h 13min
Distance 13.8km
Vertical meters 995m
Ascents Ben Lomond (974m) 14.06.2012
Ben Lomond - Ptarmigan (778m) 14.06.2012

The last Munro to ascend on my trip to Arrochar was Ben Lomond. With good weather and safely knowing I would reach all six Munros in the area I walked from Arrochar to Tarbert from where the ferry crosses Loch Lomond to Rowardennan. A very nice boat trip with only two other passengers. I couldn't stop myself from quietly singing the folk song Loch Lomond, wishing I had my bagpipe or tin whistle with me for the ride :)

The ferry from Tarbert to Rowardennan
The ferry from Tarbert to Rowardennan

Arriving in Rowardennan I set out for a well walked path up the ben. I wouldn't take a wheelchair up, but it was the most well maintained foot path I'd set foot on this week. And there was so many people! If I had met no more than three or four people on the previous mountains, here I walked by over 20 just on my way up, and actually had to stay in line to get a shot of the ward at the top. While feeling a bit more of a tourist then a hiker, it had the advantage of being able to ask someone else to take a picture of me at the top. The top offered stunning views out of the landscape, and also a possibility to see some of the other mountain tops I'd reached previously from another angle.

At the foot of Ben Lomond
At the foot of Ben Lomond
At the top of Ben Lomond
At the top of Ben Lomond

My planned way down was however a bit more what I was used to in terms of crowding. After some scrambling down the north side I found the path leading to the Ptarmigan top and back down to Rowardennan. Got some time to look at the tourist hut down the entrance to the path up and just chill while waiting for the ferry to take me back to Tarbert and the walk back to Arrochar. Even got the chance of acting guide for some fellow hikers who wanted to reach the Arrochar/Tarbert train station :)

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