Rundtur med Veslhaugen, Trondfjellet og Hornet (28.08.2018)

Written by Damhenning (Dylan Moen)

Characteristic Hike
Duration 9h 00min
Distance 22.0km
Ascents Hornet (1,383m) 28.08.2018
Trondfjellet (1,503m) 28.08.2018
Veslhaugen (1,395m) 28.08.2018

Roundtrip over Veslhaugen, Trondfjellet and Hornet

Veslhaugen, Trondfjellet og Hornet
Veslhaugen, Trondfjellet og Hornet

Starting from the Granmo Campground it was a relatively still and warm day off from work so a nice day trip was in order. A brief walk along Drivaelva brought me to a path up Trondåa. Nestled into a cleft in the forested hillside is a steep and narrow canyon; the muffled roar of crashing water filling the air.


After walking a for a while along creek's edge, I found that the forest opened up and broad expanses of moss and exposed stone took its place. Ahead of me rose Veslhaugen and Trondfjellet. The wind began to pick up and sleet and snow began to fall. Atop Trondfjellet stands a cairn of impressive proportions, rising up as a sturdy tower marking the summit.


From here I began to walk northward, down into the valley, crossing the creek I had followed earlier. A waterfall running down the north side of the valley marked my route up to Hornet. At its summit stood another equally impressive cairn from which I had a stunning view of Oppdal and its surroundings.

As I began my trek back down into the main valley I came across a number of Seters and cabins dotted across the hillside. It was a brief but beautiful trip that offered a completely different scenescape than the valley bottom below.

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