An Sliabh Corcra (11.08.2018)

Written by Bekki (Rebekka Holmgaard) GSM

Start point Kate Kearney's Cottage (55m)
Endpoint Black Valley Hostel (41m)
Characteristic Hillwalk
Duration 5h 17min
Distance 14.9km
Vertical meters 976m
Ascents Purple Mountain  (832m) 11.08.2018 09:22
Tomies Mountain  (735m) 11.08.2018 11:13
Purple Mountain NE Top  (757m) 11.08.2018 11:37
Visits of other PBEs Kate Kearney's Cottage (55m) 11.08.2018 09:22

Took the Shuttlebus from Cill Airne (Killarney) to Kate Kearney's Cottage, at the north end of the Gap of Dunloe. Went a wee bit north on the paved road and made a right turn onto a gravel road. Stopped to pet two cosy dogs before I continued on the road until I found a fence. Turned 90 degrees towards the mountains and walked along the fence on a small path. After a while the path disappeared and I set off in the general direction of Tomies Mountain. The ascent through the grass became successively steeper. Anything that resembled a path seemed set to mislead me in a direction away from my intended goals for the day. The light fog around the tops became thicker and a sudden onset of rain caught me off guard, and accompanied me for the rest of the tour.

Relying on fog obscured sight and an occasional look at my mobiles gps, I finally arrived at the first top for the day - Tomies Mountain. Continuing further through the fog I followed the broad ridge to An Chahair, the NW top and finally the highest point of An Sliabh Corcra (Purple Mountain). By now the wind howled at a considerable speed and I began the descent, which proved to be the biggest challange of the day. With the fog obstructing sight and the rain preventing me from properly navigate by my mobile's gps, I first ended up to far to the steep west of the mountain, just to overcompensating and steering to far to the east of Madman's Head. With indoors swimming pools in my goretex boots, I eventually reached the car road, but much further to the south then I had planned, and also a bit delayed with concern to catching the bus back to town. I found my way to a hostel along the road where I could buy a cup of tea, and the owner offered to drive me to the bus stop at Kate Kearny's Cottage, for a steep price. So I got a ride through the Gap of Dunloe and managed to catch the only afternoon bus back to Cill Airne.

The flowers from which the mountain got its name.
The flowers from which the mountain got its name.
All dressed up and only some 10 meters line of sight...
All dressed up and only some 10 meters line of sight...

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