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Bukit Pagon - an exclusive jungle peak


Guided tour package, costing 450 Brunei dollar per person (minimum of 3-4 clients). Long 4WD drive (4 hours each way) to basecamp. The day hike was fairly long too, almost 10 hours (incl return) in moderate pace with lots of up and downs, accumulating to more than 1800m gain of elevation ( click to see my GPS track ). Much of the hike was along an abandoned logging road, then a steep ridge with a surprisingly straightforward trail, which had fixed rope in the steepest sections. According to the guide (Haddy), only 50 people or so have been to this summit. I also returned fairly bloody, because of 3 leeches that had been eating on my two legs for a long time. Almost impossible to stop the bleeding, without a medical kit. Instead they put tobacco into my bites, and that was quite useful. I need help to find the prominence, >>>

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