Unhjemsbotn rundt (23.08.2019)

Characteristic Jogging
Duration 3h 42min
Distance 12.5km
Vertical meters 1,250m
Ascents Moanebba (829m) 23.08.2019
Moanebba (757m) 23.08.2019
Sæternebba (1,059m) 23.08.2019
Sæternebba SØ1 (1,001m) 23.08.2019
Sæternebba SØ2 (1,032m) 23.08.2019
Visits of other PBEs Moanebbu (739m) 23.08.2019
Unhjemsbotnhytta (780m) 23.08.2019

Fin rundtur med Arnt Owe.

Start date 23.08.2019 10:39
(UTC+01:00 DST)
End date 23.08.2019 14:21
(UTC+01:00 DST)
Total Time 3h 43min
Moving Time 3h 17min
Stopped Time 0h 25min
Overall Average 3.4km/h
Moving Average 3.8km/h
Distance 12.6km
Vertical meters 1,222m

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