M7t - merking (18.05.2019)

Characteristic Hillwalk
Duration 8h 03min
Distance 16.4km
Vertical meters 1,336m
Ascents Audunshø (575m) 18.05.2019
Middagsfjellet (588m) 18.05.2019
Moldeheia (530m) 18.05.2019
Skolmelia (625m) 18.05.2019
Såta (630m) 18.05.2019
Tågheia (512m) 18.05.2019

Merking av M7t løypa med løypesjef.

Start date 18.05.2019 10:29
(UTC+01:00 DST)
End date 18.05.2019 18:30
(UTC+01:00 DST)
Total Time 8h 01min
Moving Time 6h 21min
Stopped Time 1h 39min
Overall Average 2.2km/h
Moving Average 2.8km/h
Distance 17.8km
Vertical meters 1,255m

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