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Romsdalen 2020


An action-packed three-days weekend with Sigurd, Herve, Brede, HK and Dan. The last ski trip of the great 2020 ski season. We drove from Trondheim on Friday afternoon in two cars, we stopped for dinner in Dombås and decided that if we wanted to ski Juratind we should do it right when we arrive at Romsdal at midnight. So after 6 hours drive, we prepared to start skinning up Juratind. After 1 hour of waiting for Sigurd to find his car keys we were ready and Dan, Herve, Brede, Sigurd, and me started skinning up. The conditions weren't great and midway up Sigurd decided to turn around. We continued and at around 5 a.m. we were at the South ridge. I had already been in Juratind before one year ago, so I knew best way up: traverse to the west ridge and do an easy pitch to the summit. Due to the snow >>>