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To Mount Galdhøpiggen across Glacier Styggebreen


This was the year that my wife said to me: Atle, this summer you'll have to take our kids with you and go somewhere on summer holiday without me, because i will have to work. She was studying to become a nurse at this time, and she had decided that she had to work at our local hospital almost all summer, to ensure she'd get a foot on the inside, as this would enhance her chances of getting a job there when summer was over. So, I decided to take our kids with me on a holiday destination that I knew it would be difficult to talk my wife into going on, i.e. Mount Galdhøpiggen, Norway's highest mountain. Talking my children into trekking Mount Galdhøpiggen was not as difficult as you'd think. They all love skiing in alpine ski arenas, and at this time, since it was summer, it had been a couple >>>