Store Austanbotntinden (23.07.2019)

Characteristic Alpine trip
Duration 7h 30min
Distance 10.4km
Vertical meters 957m
Ascents Store Austanbotntinden (2,204m) 23.07.2019
Vestraste Austanbotntinden (2,020m) 23.07.2019
Vestre Austanbotntinden (2,100m) 23.07.2019

Føringstur til Store Austanbotntinden med Terje. Møtte Sigbjørn og Norgesguidene samme dag.

Start date 23.07.2019 08:27
(UTC+01:00 DST)
End date 23.07.2019 15:42
(UTC+01:00 DST)
Total Time 7h 14min
Moving Time 4h 27min
Stopped Time 2h 47min
Overall Average 1.4km/h
Moving Average 2.3km/h
Distance 10.4km
Vertical meters 956m

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